My thoughts on Blackberry OS 6

I have been using Blackberry OS 6 on my Bold 9650 (pre-installed) for a few weeks. I love some of the new functionality, especially search and the new context menus. Search works very similarly to Spotlight on OSX. The new context menus do a good job of splitting common contextual options out of the BB menu. I also like the quicker boot time. Continue reading

Blackberry Bridge and the Playbook

After silently drooling over the usefulness of my wife’s iPad for the last few months, I finally gave in to temptation and decided to get a tablet. Of course, being a Blackberry man, I was ecstatic about the release of the Playbook. The Playbook OS is QNX, and ultra fast, light-weight, real time unix that I have been a fan of since college. I always felt that it would have been a wonderful system for Apple to have built OSX on, but it seems that Blackberry at least gets to beat Apple to the punch on something, anyway. Continue reading

Hacking Vim

Vim has the potential to dramatically increase a programmer’s productivity if you have the time and wherewithal to learn it. And it is a challenge to learn because it is unlike any other text editor (leaving aside other vi clones). It takes work not only to learn the editor’s features and commands, but also to train yourself to use them effectively. Even experienced vim users will discover new, exciting features from time to time. And that is what makes Hacking Vim a real treat. It takes you on a brief tour of some of the coolest features of vim without getting bogged down in any one of them. Continue reading